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Why use Assessments to Hire?

No matter how great an applicant looks on paper or how smooth they appear during the job interview, many are experts at fooling the most experienced recruiter. Difficult personality characteristics, low skill levels and even issues with integrity may not surface until you have made that costly hiring decision.  You are then left to deal with the emotional strain and potential legal problems associated with having to terminate a bad hire, not to mention all the hard costs associated with having to recruit again, time spent on interviews, re-training and loss of productivity.  Contact us for a demo and budget estimate

Why the Custom Approach to Your Assessment Strategies?

The “custom approach” to pre-employment hiring assessments ensures organizations are only testing for those behaviors and skills that are relevant to the job, therefore increasing validity, while at the same time reducing test administration time significantly.

Clients have the option to take advantage of our pre-assembled organizational fit and  job match assessments to assure they are assessing the for the specific behavioral traits that are important for success on the job.

Why Organizational Readiness & Job Fit Assessments?

Depending on the position we recommend inviting applicants to take up to two assessments during the hiring process.  The first is to determine if the candidate fits your culture and to function as a guide to conducting a good first interview, usually conducted on the telephone.  This is called the Organizational Readiness Assessment. A second assessment to determine specific job fit to conduct the second interview for those candidates that pass your first hurdle.  This is called the Job Fit Assessment. Here are a few reasons to consider this approach:

Organizational Readiness Assessments are designed to determine:

  • Does the candidate have the attitudes and behaviors to work well within the organization?
  • Are they likely to be:
    • Responsible?
    • Hardworking?
    • Reliable?
    • Drug Free Attitude?
    • Follow company rules?
    • Trustworthy?
    • Good Work Ethic
    • Candid and accurate in their responses and not try to outsmart the test?

All of this in an inexpensive on-line assessment that only requires 15-20 minutes to take.

Request a TalentValue ORGANIZATIONAL READINESS Sample Interview Report

Job Fit Assessments are designed to determine:

  • Does he/she have the mental horsepower to do the job?
  • Does he/she have the workplace skills to perform the job?
  • Does he/she have the personality to cope with the job environment?
  • Does he/she have the energy to perform the job?
  • Does he/she have the attitude to deal with the pressures of the job?
  • Does he/she have the energy required for consistent performance?

We work with you to select the right behaviors that determine success for each job. It is a customized assessment that allows to to determine is the candidate is the right fit for the job.

Request a  TalentValue JOB FIT Sample Interview Report.

Try it Before You Buy It

Try any of our pre-employment assessments for any job description, just click here to receive a complimentary order form to understand exactly how it works.

Choose from Our Custom Assessment Library

Our behavioral and skills based assessments provides our clients the option of implementing any of our “pre-assembled test batteries” that have been designed to meet the needs of most industry-specific jobs, or you can “mix and match” from our comprehensive library 0f  behavioral scales and skills tests to create a truly customized solution specific to each organization  job descriptions” unique requirements.

Recruiters and hiring managers can view candidate scores via an online dashboard and download interview guides at the click of a mouse, or completed assessment interviewing reports can be emailed automatically.

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