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An Applicant  Management System ATS That Works For You

Stressed out with a heavy workload , impossible deadlines and recruiting strategies and processes  that aren’t working for you? Well your job just got easier becasue we have an affordible solution that virtually eliminates your recruiting problems

Even if you may or may not already have an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) where applicants can submit resumes without your help, it’s a fact that what still takes your time is reviewing the information at each step in your evaluation process and making decisions to proceed or suspend candidates resulting in a a ton of paperwork.  The results are you experience stops, restarts, and delays for you and your applicants.

Our web-based platform doesn’t force you to change the way you process applicants, it replicates your process while automating the repetitive work and decisioning. Implementation is a snap.  The learning curve takes an hour or two. Selection accuracy, speed, consistency, and branding improve while cost, time, and risk are reduced.

TalentValue’s feature-rich Applicant Tracking System works a bit differently than other systems because we learn about your company and build you a system that meets all your hiring needs without all the hassle.   You are able to save, find and interview only qualified candidates so you can free up your time  to focus on what’s important to grow your business instead of the traditional time it takes to shuffle through hundreds of resumes.