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First impressions quickly engage the best job seekers

The application process is a candidate’s first glimpse at how you do business.  Allot is riding on the job seekers initial impression of your organization’s culture and why they want to learn more about your career opportunities or apply for an open or future job opportunity.

Job seekers usually require something very simple during the job-hunting process.  What they want is immediate feedback on where they stand in your hiring decision and as little hassle to engage in your job application process.

Feedback such as:

  • Am I a fit for this job?
  • Is the company still hiring?
  • Will they call me back for an interview?
  • Should I go with the other job offer?

The longer it takes to get these responses, the more likely a candidate will lose interest.

Your Branded Career Website will Attract the Best Candidates

With your own career website and our TalentValueATS  Cloud Technology management system you will  maximize your recruiting efforts and attract the best candidates.   The system is transparent, so applicants are typically unaware that they are utilizing anything apart from your company’s technology. They receive a warm welcome, company information, details of the job opening, clear instructions, and an immediate (automated) interview structured to pre-screen the best applicants in real-time as they become engaged in your hiring process.   The attraction of an immediate pre-qualification interview will stand your organization above all others in the race to acquire top talent.

TalentValueATS provides the flexibility to post jobs to niche, free, paid, and hosted sites depending upon the sourcing strategy a company has designed with a click of the mouse.

Why Branded Career Sites Get Better Recruiting Results

Career Sites are tailored to reflect the “look and feel” of your company’s corporate website. The system provides significant configuration options that are easily managed. Here are a few reasons why they work well:

  • It’s the best way to sell your company to the general public.
  • It allows you to Brand your corporate culture to attract the people that will fit into your organization.
  • Easy for applicants to search, apply, and be immediately interviewed.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your corporate website so create an active candidate pool
  • Complies with EEOC and OFCCP requirements to eliminate non-compliance legal issues.
  • You create your own talent pool by attracting desirable applicants and establishing an effective way to recruit passive candidates and build talent reserves.

It’s simple Logic

Beginning with the way you describe your job opportunity you are engaged in the process of branding your HR Website. The best prospective candidates are attracted and impressed with those employers who take the time to give the candidate a total satisfaction experience.  The way candidates explore your site to discover their career options matter in job marketing effectiveness. The way they are engaged and managed throughout the process is critical to attracting and hiring the best of the best.

Contact Us to learn how we can help you develop your own Career Center,  or if you are not ready right now add Look into a Career Center into YOUR CHALLENGES CHECKLIST