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Why do people leave their jobs?

And it is almost never about the money.

Employees tell us that these are their reasons for finding a new job . . . and in this order.

#1 reason is Poor supervision I do not see any direction or focus from my manager.

#2 reason is No one trained meI am not learning and growing; My job is not challenging enough.

#3 reason is No one thanked meI am not recognized for the things I do.

#4 reason is No one paid meI am not getting paid what I think I am worth; I don’t see why I should stick around here… I am going no place fast.

Why will people stay?

Our TalentValue leadership process is called L.E.A.D.

People will stay if leaders of organizations pay attention to same four reasons in the same order. Leaders need to be:

  1. Leading – Leaders provide clear and understandable direction and lend their support each and every time with every person with whom they deal.
  • How to become better by deciding where to go?
    • How to become better by focusing on results
  1. Educating – Leaders allow their people to grow and learn by developing a challenging and creative workplace. They communicate more rather than less.
    • How to become better by growing and learning?
  2. Appreciating – Leaders need to appreciate and recognize people for the job they are doing; they have to say thank you for a job well done – a lot.
    •  How to become better by building great teams
  3. Dollarizing –Leaders make sure that their people know they are accomplishing something important. Their people know it is worth the effort they are putting into the job. Dollars are the storehouse of value. Dollarizing puts the value on what we are accomplishing.

Leadership is getting people to do, what they otherwise may not want to do, but will readily do so anyway.

TalentValue has an organized leadership philosophy that translate into practical and useful steps to building great leaders. We look at the people in the organization. We study their behaviors. We look at the culture that develops because of the behavioral activities and patterns within the company. We look at the structure that implements that culture day in and day out. We look at the values that drive the cultural engine. All of these and other components go into establishing a clear and focused leadership plan to move the organization to the level through great leaders.

This is what one leadership team has said about the results they had in their company after they worked with us.

  • Our leadership team is invigorated again and has had a significant change in its behavior and productivity. We are holding ourselves and our personnel accountable for results by committing to, implementing and successfully achieving our objectives.
  • We have healthy debates on where we need to go that are allowing us to resolve many of the conflicts that had been holding us back. 
  • Office productivity is improving each month and over last year.
  • We have reduced costs, increased profitability which is positively impacting cash flow. 
  • As important as any of this, we are focusing throughout every part of the company on taking care of our clients and they are noticing the positive change. This can only put us in a better position to keep current clients and bring on new clients.

If you are looking to make a change in the way you run your business and the way your people work within your business, you should explore what we can do for you. Each of the areas we have identified in the Leadership and Planning Center can bring you positive results. Ask your TalentValue advisor to discuss what you can do that can make a difference in your leadership team.

  • Leadership Development – Where we show you how to transform your people into leaders
  • Team Building – Where you learn how what it takes to turn individuals into a team
  • Customer Service – where you identify those steps to keep your customers coming back to do business again
  • Sales Management – where you can take your sales process and team to the next level of success
  • Succession Planning – transitioning from one family generation to another and finding the right people so the organization can not only survive but thrive into the future.
  • Change Management – where you can learn how to manage the inevitable changes to meet the demands of your marketplace and the employees that make that occur.
  • Strategic Planning – where putting together the business plans and action steps will give you the confidence you will end up where you want to go.

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