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An Applicant Tracking System ATS That Works For You

TalentValue’s feature-rich Applicant Tracking System works a bit differently than other systems because we can manage it for you. We learn about your company to build you an ATS that fits your hiring needs. Your time is freed up to focus on what’s important – hiring top talent to grow your business. Learn more about how we work with your company.

Integrated System to Attract and Hire Great People!

With our TalentValue Recruiting System, candidates can quickly begin a job specific interview by phone or by web to engage with your hiring managers or recruiters.  Integrated hiring assessments, background and Drug Screening, and paperless On-Boarding technology provides unprecedented results. You rapidly screen out unqualified candidates, identify the best candidates that apply for a specific position, and cut as much as 70% of administrative costs.  Our system provides end to end proficiency, scaled to the size and complexity of your organizations staffing needs.

 Gain Access to our Bank of Job Boards

We help you craft your job ads and push them out to as many job boards as you like. Every response is tracked, so you know which sites are sending you applicants. Next to personal referrals, online job boards are the top source for applicants finding jobs—don’t miss out. Contact Us to learn more about online job boards.

Your Own Branded Career Website

We’ll create a branded career page that will integrate seamlessly with your website. Embed pictures and videos to promote your company. The application process is simple and intuitive, reducing abandonment. You also have full control over how much information you want to collect.

Get Referral Hires Through Social Media

Our ATS provides a job script that is pushed to your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). We can also build your career page right into your existing Facebook page. Leverage your brand ambassadors and let them spread the word for you. 73% of people aged 18-34 found their last job through social channels.

Scored Candidate Screening Questions

Assign values to your candidate screening questions and see who’s most qualified, right away. Those scores can be combined with our pre-employment testing scores, giving you a complete picture. Comparing between candidates is simple—just sort by scores. No other ATS does that for you.

Communicate With Your Candidates

Your ATS comes pre-loaded with auto-response emails (which we can fully customize). You can quickly let applicants know you received their resume. There are also status update emails you can send with just a few clicks. Give your candidates the best experience possible and keep them updated. Learn more about candidate screening.

 Everything You Need to Manage Your Recruiting Process

Source, Pre-Qualify, Assess, Interview, background & Drug Check and On-board all in one easy to use dashboard. Save 80% of the time it takes to find pre-qualified job seekers and eliminate 70% of the administrative cost associated by automating your hiring system and hiring process.

 Take the Next Step to Discover More

Put Improve My Hiring System in YOUR CHALLENGES CHECKLIST and contact us today for a discussion and recruiting cost analysis.  Request our Recruiting Audit Worksheet to get started today.