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Have you ever made a really good hire? 
Have you ever made a mistake and hired the wrong person for the job?

You never made a conscious decision to hire a poor performer. Yet if you ever found yourself with both good and bad performers, then it should be clear that the system you are using for selection of your people is not working properly.

Put the right person, on the right bus, in the right seat, at the right time . . .  and you will build the foundation for tremendous success for the people who work for you and for the organization as a whole. It seems so obvious but it is not done well by many organizations. Why? Managers often hire for skill and then fire for behavior. Managers find themselves evaluating a candidate for the knowledge and skills that they possess, because it is what the manager knows really well. And it is important to have those technical abilities, but many managers are not sure how to probe for the underlying behaviors that lead to success. It can cost thousands of dollars for each bad hire.

What separates the truly successful individual from those with equal skills and knowledge is the superior behaviors they possess. The employee who listens a little more; who is organized a little better; who demonstrates their commitment; who adapts to circumstances; who is focused; who is willing to put in that extra effort;  – –  all behaviors and attitudes that make a difference.

Harvard and Stanford studies have found that 85% of the reason a person gets ahead is because of the right mental attitude. They found that 9,700 of 10,000 reasons why someone was fired was because they had a lousy mental attitude and could not get along with their fellow employees.  It all comes down to the behavioral traits that each person demonstrates.

Organizations have built their operating system to run their company; the financial systems to manage their dollars; the marketing systems to attract customers; information systems to control the flow of data.  We have built the human systems. We call it S.O.A.R. ©.  It stands for:

Selection – how to find the right person for your job

Orientation – to teach them what they need to know to do the job right and serve the customer

Assimilation – how to take those individuals and mold them into a team

Retention – how to keep the best people in your company and for maximum success.

You will have access to a powerful selection and recruiting system to finding the right person. It starts with a good job description with both tasks and behaviors defined. We design a job media plan to find and source the most qualified candidates.  Our recruiting and staffing system organizes all the candidates into one location then pre-qualifies them using a series of technical questions that you design. Our custom designed behavioral assessments look at their core behavioral traits to provide the information you need before you hire them compared to what you have determined are the criteria for success. The interview process is built around the job description so you have a plan for evaluating each person you meet. At the end a background check assures you that the person is exactly as they have represented themselves.

A process designed to provide you with the information to make good decisions in an area where the impact of a great hire can assure your success.

Each of the areas we have identified in the Recruiting and Selection Center can bring you a positive result from a thorough review and examination of all the facts. Ask your TalentValue advisor to discuss what you can do that can make a difference in your hiring, recruiting and selection process?

  • Recruiting – Where we show you how to find the right person for your job opening
  • Job Descriptions – Where you describe exactly how to do the job
  • Career Centers – where individuals go to look for positions that are open in your company
  • Applicant Tracking – where a system is available to help you efficiently manage the entire process
  • Pre-employment tests – where you can match the behavioral traits you need with the behaviors of your candidates
  • Background Checks – where you verify the background of the candidate
  • Drug test – where you can discover if there is a problem with your candidate
  • Orientation and On-boarding – making sure there is a smooth transition into your organization with each new hire.

Take a look at this link that provides a short video on our hiring process for small to mid-sized companies.    Click here.  

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