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Would you like each employee (both management and staff) to be more fully engaged in achieving results for your organization and your customer?

A study of 664,000 employees in 71 companies found a

  • 52% difference in income between those companies with high engagement scores and those with low engagement scores.
  • Companies with high engagement scores had a 19% increase in operating income and a 28% increase in earnings per share over those companies with low engagement scores.
  • Highly engaged workforces have an 86% higher customer loyalty, 70% lower turnover, and 70% higher productivity among their employees.

 Do you think this is a coincidence?

With any engaged workplace there are 3 interconnecting relationships that must be nurtured:

  1. Relationship between employee and management
  2. Relationship between employees and their job
  3. Relationship between employees and other employees

How do we get our entire workforce engaged to exert greater discretionary effort to his or her own work? How do we get them to “go the extra mile?”

  • A business plan that sets the right direction;
  • Leadership development programs that build strong charismatic leaders;
  • Compensation, recognition and reward systems that reinforce performance rather than entitlement;
  • Communications programs that let people know what’s going on;
  • Surveys to determine the perception of the employees and the customers;
  • Creating teams that work together and get things done.
  • Performance discussions that create a plan to improve the skills and attitudes from each person.
  • Training programs to teach managers and staff what to do and how to do it.
  • Individualized coaching that allows each person to take personal responsibility and accountability for the tasks they have been assigned.
  • Succession planning to create a continuity throughout the organization;
  • Building the right organization structure to manage the enterprise efficiently.

Each of these pieces play a powerful role in the efforts to improve productivity throughout the organization – one person at a time.

If you are looking to make a change in the way you run your business and the way your people work within your business, you should explore what we can do for you. In each of the Leadership and Planning Center areas below we have identified action steps that can bring you positive results. Combined together they can transform an organization into a powerful “machine.” Ask your TalentValue advisor to discuss what you can do to enhance learning and improve productivity that will lead to the profitability you desire.

  • Training and Development – Where we provide you with the tools to teach people what they need to know so they can learn it so it “sticks”.
  • Performance Management – How leaders can take control of the growth of their business and boost the productivity of the organization.
  • Performance Reviews – How each employee learns to take control of their own growth so that management can manage and people can do?
  • Executive Coaching – Sharing the experience that turns knowledge into wisdom so the individual can make better choices and better decisions in the future.
  • Talent Management – Organizing the path of each individual in the team so that everyone is prepared for the changes and demands of the marketplace
  • Worker TrainingProviding the step by step process for doing each job task correctly to meet the compliance requirements of the business and to maximize efficiency.   
  • Sales Productivity – Finding and closing customers to generate the most business possible.

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